Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Great Gatsby Influence on Dresses

Today we have a guest post from CC's Boutique in Tampa, Florida

The 1920s vintage-style is really making a comeback, maybe not as big as bell bottom jeans, but the colors, fabrics, and patterns used during the “Gatsby” age is mixing with modern day fashion. Ironically enough, the 1920s were a time of rebellion and youth and it’s the first generation today’s society has been able to relate to. Because this generation was willing to try anything, it reflected in their fashion. Many dresses were worn, from fitted to loose to strapless to one-shoulder dresses. The influence the 1920s had on costume designers is the same influence that is landing on store racks to this day.

Once the movie aired, many designers embraced the summer blockbuster’s fashion influence. For instance, Tiffany & Co. released a new Jazz Age Collection; Brooks Brothers launched a limited edition collection called “The Gatsby Collection, and Prada, who managed costume design on the set, brought their Hollywood looks to their customers. For women’s fashion, the “Gatsby” age really took things to a new level. It was old-fashioned but created so much movement and dimensions for all women. Ordinary dresses were made into beautiful tubular silhouette flapper dresses with gathers, slits and fringe to match their bright lips, smoky eye makeup, and Mary Jane shoes.

The speakeasy look started to make a real comeback during the 2011 New York Fashion Week. Short boyish bobs, feathers, pearls, and art deco jewelry spotted the runway. A flapper, which was slang for a young woman, was a straight and loose dress, leaving the arms bare and dropping the waistline to the hips. A robe de style dress is a straight-cut chemise dress. Vera Wang illustrated many similar characterizations like this in last year’s wedding collection.

For a nod towards the twenties flair, a chic drop waist free-flowing white lace dress is the way to go. Sheer fabrics and neutral colors such as white, tan, nude, or blush were of the most popular. Some dresses are overlaid with see through black fabrics for a risqué appearance. The sheer fabric and thigh-length slip imbue the piece with a sultry, of-the-moment twist. A lightweight jacket will help take the chill off your dry martini down in the speakeasy. It’s easy to find tops with a structured stepped hem, swinging beads, and heavy embellishment to dress up a pair of skinny jeans and Mary Jane heels for a night on the town. Any dress with feather trip, lace, or a dropped waist will give you that flapper style, pair it with some extravagant gem drop earrings, and a neutral pair of T-bar heels and you are ready for Jay Gatsby himself to pick you up for one of his grand parties.

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