Friday, August 13, 2010

Spiderman Birthday Party

My son JJ will be 3 years old in February, and I wanted to give him a birthday party that he would love. He is obsessed with Spider-man, so I thought that should be his theme. Here are my ideas for a Spider-man birthday party. Enjoy!

The birthday boy will be spiderman for halloween, so I thought, why not get one more wear out of it and let him dress up as spiderman for his birthday too!


I would do two tables like this for 16 kids, and the other tables, where the adults are sitting, will have red  and blue tablecovers. This is a party kit that has almost everything you would need in it for $50. Awesome!

 The Spiderman Deluxe Party Kit For 16 includes:

16 Spiderman Lunch Plates

16 Spiderman Lunch Napkins

16 Spiderman Paper Cups

2 Spiderman Plastic Tablecover 54 x 102

16 Plastic Red Forks

16 Plastic Red Spoons

16 Plastic Red Knives

16 Spiderman Invitations

16 Spiderman Blowouts

1 Spiderman Banner

2 Spiderman Centerpiece

20 Red Balloons

1 Red Curling Ribbon 66ft

1 Blue Crepe Streamer 81ft

1 Red Crepe Streamer 81ft

24 Birthday Candles

I will use two of these party favor kits to make enough favors for 16 kids,
and I will use these mask instead of party hats.
                                   48 pieces for $9.99                                  

             I will have coloring pages and crayons at each place setting for the kids.

                             Source                    12 pks. of crayons for $2.99

 I will use the Spiderman scene setter add on to put up on the wall and make a photo area. The kids will be able to stand in front of it to take pictures.

I'm getting his cake at Sam's club because they have a nice variety of spiderman cake to choose from, and they taste pretty good too.

Here are a couple of games I found

Stick the Spider On Spiderman Game

This game is played just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

With a sheet of poster board and a permanent black marker, draw a spider web. Make small paper spiders with construction paper, or plastic spiders. Use glue dots (craft store) or double stick tape to attach the spiders to the web.

Venom Tag
You can actually play this with any of the Spiderman villains...

A simple game of tag to release party energy is always a fun addition.

Select one player to be the villain. When the game begins the villain chases the other players. Once a player is tagged, they become the new villain.

Establish a safe place using black streamers, to make a web or simply

name a tree "Aunt May's house". This will be where the children go

when they need a rest. If possible, ensure the play is fair and that

all of the children are allowed a turn to be the villain. A party is no

place to have hurt feelings!

Spiderman's Web Walk
Just like a cake walk with webs!

Cut circles from poster board. Use a permanent marker to draw spider webs. In the center if each web write a number 1-3. Make corresponding number cards as well. To play: Place the webs in a circle. Play Spiderman theme music (or any fun music) and have the children step from web to web.

When the music stops, draw one of the numbers from a bag. The players that are standing on the webs with that number, get a sticker or candy.

Play this game several times until every player has received a treat.

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