Thursday, October 21, 2010

Coral and Gold Bridal Party Attire

This beautiful coral and gold color scheme would be perfect for a spring wedding. The gold clutch purses cost a lot less than a bouquet would, and I love the coral shoes and coral taffeta dresses, and everything is affordable. Enjoy!
Coral and Gold Bridal Party Attire

Bride $139.07
Bridesmaid $97.80
Simple Chic White Satin Charmeuse Dress
$88 -

Bow Tie Pump
$24 -

Rhinestone Open Toe Sandal
$17 -

Satin Clutch
$26 -

Rhinestone Bracelet
$11 -

Rhinestone Loop Earrings
$6.80 -
Rhinestone Earrings
$3.80 -

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