Tuesday, December 7, 2010

DIY Wisteria Centerpieces

Wisteria centerpieces are very striking, and they can also be very affordable if you use silk wisteria bushes. These centerpieces can be used for weddings, bridal showers, even baby showers. Below I will show you where to find the bushes and the vases at the best prices, and how to put them together to make a beautiful centerpiece. Enjoy!

This diy is very simple, all you have to do is place the bush in the vase. Frosted, or colored glass vases help to hide the stem of the bush better than the clear vase, but you can still use clear if you like. If you want fuller centpiece, just put two bushes in a vase. You may need to do a little trimming of the stems to get them both to fit in the tower vase. If you want to give it little something extra like the picture above, you can add a couple of sprigs of onion grass, and you are done.

9" Black Glass Eiffel Tower Vases $2.99       9"  White Frosted Tower Vases $2.99     9" Blue Glass Eiffel Tower Vases $2.99

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