Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Masquerade Party

Masquerade parties are very popular because they are so mysterious and sexy. This theme can be used for a wedding, adult birthday party, holiday party, are a just because party. Here are my affordable ideas for giving your own masquerade party. Enjoy!


The mask can do double duty as party attire and party favor. Just have them at the door when your guest come in.

                 Half Mask 24 for $3.99         Black and Silver Mask 12 for $19.99
Gleaming Half Masks                 Mardi Gras Silver Feather Masks


You can easily make centerpieces by using some of the mask.

Feather Mask Centerpiece Each

You can easily make a similar centerpiece to the one above by using some inexpensive mask, like the ones above, and some wire candle holders. Just hot glue the mask to the candle holder. The holders below are perfect because they are inexpensive, and because they are white, they can be easily spray painted to match your party's color scheme. To finish them off, go to your local dollar tree or craft store to get some inexpensive candles, and you have a centerpiece that can cost less than $10 each.




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