Thursday, January 13, 2011

Red and White Wedding Ideas On A Budget

With Valentines Day coming up soon, I thought I would share some money saving tips for a red and white wedding. Some of these ideas can be used even if your not getting married around Valentine's Day. Enjoy!

These vases are so cute. They would be perfect for a wedding, and they are only $1 each!

Everything above can be purchased at your local Dollar Tree store.

~20 (9") Paper Dinner Plates $1
~ 24 (7") Paper Dessert Plates $1
~ 20 (13") Lunch Napkin $1
~ 24 10" Beverage Napkins $1
~ 12 (9oz.) Paper Cups $1
~ 48 ct. Plastic Utensils $1 (16 Forks, 16 Spoons, 16 Knives)

These are perfect if you need a lot of floating candles for your centerpieces

White Favor Boxes 12 pack for $1 (Your local Dollar Tree store)

Wedding Bubbles 8 pack for $1 ( Your local Dollar Tree Store)

White Pew Bows 2 pack for $1 (Your local Dollar Tree Store)

Instead of having favors that your guest may never use, why not have a candy buffet? You can find a lot of red and white candy around Valentine's Day, so all you have to do is find some inexpensive glass jars to put it in, and you have a candy buffet. The "love" vase I have above would be nice to use in this type of candy buffet. Here are some other candies that would be nice for the buffet.

20 ct. Valentine's Lollipops $1 at your local Dollar Tree

16 ct. Heart Gummie Candies $1 at your local Dollar Tree

Soft Peppermints 4.5 oz. Bag $1 at your local Dollar Tree

Cinnamon Disk $1 at your local Dollar Tree store

Strawberry Bon Bons $1 at your local Dollar Tree store


The above centerpieces can easily be replicated by using inexpensive cylinder vases from the Dollar Tree, the floating candles I have above, and silk flowers.


This cupcake wedding cake would be very economical for a wedding on a budget. Check out my post on Cupcake Wedding Cakes for more details. If you want a tiered cake, you can go to Walmart and get a three tier cake for less than $200. You will have to pick up the cake and stack it yourself, which shouldn't be to hard, and you can decorate the cake with silk flowers.

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