Monday, April 11, 2011

Beautiful Bridal Sashes In My Etsy Store

In my etsy store, I have beautiful and affordable wedding accessories. So if you're on a budget and planning a wedding, you should check it out. I have some beautiful bridal sashes that are a fraction of the cost of a sash you will find at a bridal store. Check them out here!

Dazzling Crystal Sashes $40

Dazzling White Crystal Bridal Sash

Dazzling Silver/Gray Crystal Bridal Sash

Dazzling Black Crystal Bridal Sash

Dazzling Blush Crystal Bridal Sash

Vintage Inspired Beaded Sash $30

Beautiful Vintage Inspired Silver Beaded Bridal Sash

Ivory and Champagne
Beautiful Vintage Inspired Ivory  and Champagne Beaded Bridal Sash

White and Silver
Beautiful Vintage Inspired White and Silver Beaded Bridal Sash

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