Friday, April 22, 2011

Peacock Inspired Bride's Attire For Less Than $160

This beautiful ensemble is inspired by the peacock. The beautiful teal blue shoes remind you of the colors of the peacock feathers. The beautiful dress grabs your attention just like the peacock grabs your attention when it spreads it's feathers. I paired it with some beautiful rhinestone accessories and a classic tulip bouquet. Check the post I have on peacock themed weddings, and check out the beautiful peacock accessories I have in my etsy store that would go perfect with this ensemble. Enjoy!

Peacock Inspired Bride's Attire 2
Total $154.53
Rhinestone Stretch Bracelets
$4.80 -

Bow Peep Toe Sandal
$28 -

Chandelier Teardrop Earrings
$4.80 -

White Tulip Bouquet
$6.93 -

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