Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Black and White Party

I recently started thinking of ideas for my husband's 30th birthday next year. This is one of the ideas I came up with. An adult grown and sexy black and white party to celebrate his milestone birthday. Below are my ideas for this theme. Enjoy!


I like that the invitation looks like a ticket. I will request that everyone wear black and white.


The feathers give the centerpiece a bit of a sexy feel, and the candles make it romantic.

This centerpiece can be easily duplicated by some of the following.

These boas can be cut into two to wrap around the vases, or kept whole to make a much fuller layer around the vase.

Feather Boas .90 each
 (Must buy minimum of 6)


These are small, so I would do about six of them side by side with the boa at the them in a straight line.

Long Stem Tea Light Candle Holders $1 each (48 in a case)

This is the vase and candle all in one

Glass Jar Candles $1 each (12 in a case)

Of course we would do a buffet, but I would use these Mozaik plates and utensils. Everything is plastic and disposable, but you would never know it by looking at it. The large plates would be for dinner, and the small plates for would be for the appetizers.

Mozaik Realistic Looking Disposable Plastic Ware Service for 8 $10

Linen Like Table Covers 20 for $98

These table covers are disposable, but give the look of real linen
Black Linen Like Paper Banquet Table Covers  - 20 Count

Photo Area/Photo Booth

I want to have a photo area so we can take pictures of all of our friends. I will probably make it by taping some disposable table cover to the wall to act as the background.



As far as cakes go, I like thinking outside the box, so we have a couple of options below. Personally, I like the idea a cake pop cake. It's different, and you don't have to worry about slicing it up at the end of the night. The guest can just go up and take one, or two. Of course, I would still have a small cake at the top for the birthday boy to have to himself.

Black and White 30th Birthday Cake



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